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Are driverless cars safer than normal cars?

Are driverless cars safer than normal cars?

In the age of technological advancement, autonomous cars are no longer considered to be fantasy. An autonomous car, also familiar as robotic cars, is actually a self-driving car that can guide itself without human conduction. These driverless vehicles have the ability to carry out all activities related to driving, commuting and even parking. These autonomous cars build with sensors can track the surroundings to avoid a collision. A powerful GPS system enables the car to navigate its way and reach the destination without human interference.

Autonomous control ensures outstanding performance under uncertain conditions like slow traffic as well as the environment and many other factors. This means when the car drives self autonomously you can just sit back and relax.

Some important safety features we can see in driverless cars:

Emergency Braking

Emergency braking is a feature we can see in many passenger cars. Those with little or no driving experience can use this feature in autonomous cars. The car with inbuilt cameras can measure the distance between itself and the surrounding traffic, and the emergency brake is deployed in case of an imminent collision.

Lane Control

Cameras also help the autonomous car to stay centered within its assigned lane and prevent unnecessary movements. These cameras are programmed to detect lane markings and navigate as per command.

Cross-Car Communication

NHTSA has announced that it brings new safety features like vehicle-to-vehicle communication. With the help of this feature coordination between cars would be possible which will be extremely helpful during accident-prone maneuvers, for instance, left-hand turns of a car.

While over 1.2 million people are killed by road accidents around the world annually autonomous cars will undoubtedly be safer than regular cars as reports say 90% of car accidents are caused due to human error while remaining 10% accidents happen out of mechanical fault and poor road conditions.

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